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Hi, my name is Nancy and I am, among other things, a SILVERSMITH who is soon starting up some links to social media so I can connect to people who want to find a resource for silver and gold jewelry as well as baby silverware and jewelry.

A  little bit about me.

      I learned to work with silver from a Navaho silversmith as a teenager, honing my talent by making pieces for family and friends over the next 10 years. I then set up a studio @ the renowned One – Eleven Building downtown and built a  consistent clientele of  galleries and museum shops in the southeast .
Meanwhile, I continued to work on my college education* and care for my young growing family .


* I have degrees and honors in Anthropolgy and have worked as an Archaeologist for over 30 the southeastern USA in the field of Cultural Resource Management. (It’s not the glorified work of Indiana Jones  but it kept me  working outside and I love being connected to the natural world.)


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