I would like to introduce myself and give anyone out there a genuine and excited
H E L L O !!!! & Welcome you to my site.
I hope to make it fun and interesting by adding posts that let you see my creative process materialize from idea to finished product. Im looking forward to any questions you might have, hearing your input and getting to know you.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to make something for you that will become a favorite and someday, an heirloom to pass on when you’re ready.

I am a craftsman/artist in several disciplines & work in all if I can get away with it.
I also have a formal education in anthropology where I have focused my work in cultural resource management as an archaeologist for the last 38 years. This has had an influence on my art in many different ways, both directly and indirectly.

In this blog ,  I am concentrating my focus  on  ARKEOSMITH, my Silver, gold,other metalsmithing  business  specializing in?  jewelry from archaeological sites across the globe..which most are now housed in museums and private collections throughout the world. 

 I’m very excited about recreating these treasures , from the historic record  and  the information from the sites , where they were dicovered, and where they are curated now. 

I hope to soon be adding some links to social media to connect to people who are looking for a resource for silver and gold jewelry as well as silverware and christening pins and bracelets for babies and heirloom jewelry for children which can be found in my PINKIESWEARS  Line of  heirloom children’s jewelry.

I can accommodate custom orders upon request . 

I will be adding  designs of my own as well as classical contemporary design .